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1) thank you for your service 🙏

2) this reminds me of mark lombardi in the best way... as well as the 2009 documentary ‘the great contemporary art bubble’

3) when I worked at gap I used to go visit the fisher collection in the main building on folsom. it always creeped me out... felt like a room full of moldering capital. which it was, lol. (also probably the only chance to see a bruce nauman neon piece that someone forgot to turn on)

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Superb article. I have shared it on Twitter and FB, hopefully some people in the artworld are curious and literate enough to read and appreciate the work and thought that has gone into it.

Myself I am in the process of creating a major art prize for the San Francisco Bay area artists, to help remedy the ultra-ultra-uberclass squeezing going on there in every dimension from housing to closed art galleries to virtually no art press or analysis. It's disgusting, no one does a thing for artists - only TO them.

But what does one expect from a society that would accept 1.7 Trillion in tax cuts to the wealthy while continuing to saddle students with a similar amount of debt, rather than the other way around?

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